Emulin® | Carb Management | Chronic Pain Relief | Weight Loss

Emulin® was created by a two-time Nobel Prize Nominee, and has been clinically proven in a double-blind study.


Weight Loss

Emulin® interrupts the metabolic processes by which carbohydrates (i.e. from grains, cereals, snacks) are converted to starch, blocking fat formation and reducing caloric intake by up to 33%, resulting in weight loss.

Reduces Inflammation & Pain in the Body

Emulin® reduces the body's chronic inflammation, which many researchers now understand to be the foundation of modern disease. Customers report significant reduction in chronic pain, the relief of many disease symptoms, and improved overall health. [Results vary - see testimonials below].

Promotes Vitality

Taking Emulin® can lead to more balanced energy throughout the day. No more brain fog, low energy, or midday crashes. And our customers report much better and deeper sleep. 

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