Clinical Studies

Research on Emulin®

One clinical trial is still underway, but one completed and published study demonstrates the benefits of Emulin® as it relates to blood glucose.

Research on KlaMax®

Dr. Scoglio, Nobel Nominee scientist behind the creation of KlaMax®, has produced 8 clinical trials, 10 scientific publications and 6 patents. The studies have shown the effectiveness of Dr. Scoglio’s patented extracts in healthy challenges from depression and anxiety to post-menopausal symptoms and ADHD. Studies also refer to the effect of KlaMax® on psoriasis, gastric and intestinal inflammation, anti-proliferative activity and – impressively – the stimulation of neuronal stem cells and neurodegenerative diseases. More studies and scientific publications are currently under way.

Here are seven available abstracts from clinical trials.

Study on KlaMax and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Study on KlaMax and tumour growth, specifically prostate and thyroid cancers

Mood disorders and neuro-degenerative disease

Oxidative Stress 

More on oxidative Stress

As a source of Vitamin B12 and homocysteine for vegans

Effect on libido of post-menopausal women