Q & A about Emulin®

What does all this have in common – inflammation, rheumatic diseases, weight loss, arthritis pain, and eating carbohydrates…

You may be surprised.

You’ve probably never heard of a supplement that does this …

Emulin® is a world first supplement for carbohydrate management, and to date there is no other product which does what it does – chaperone excess carbs from the body during metabolic processes, resulting in reduced inflammation, relief from chronic pain, and weight loss, and more (see below).

FAQs Emulin

Whilst it is not intended to treat or cure any disease, as a complementary supplement, it has been shown in double-blind clinical trials to have pronounced effects on people suffering from various ailments related to inflammatory conditions, including low energy, chronic pain, and for those who want to know how to lose weight. Read testimonials here. Here are some questions and answers for you to ponder!

Q: What is inflammation?

Great question. I’ve created a definitive guide to inflammation in the body as a separate blog, so please start there if you’re unsure what it even is and how it could be affecting you!

Q: What are the ingredients of Emulin®?

1. Green coffee bean extract, which is the source of chlorogenic acid; 2. grape skin, which is the source of myricetin; 3. onion skin, which is the source of quercetin; and in the latest version of the product (currently in the US) 4.  gallic acid, naturally obtained through an extraction process from gall nuts.

Q: Are the ingredients GMO free?

These ingredients comply with ISO and they are absolutely free of GM0.

Q: How do these ingredients work?

It’s important to note that the extraordinary effects of Emulin® are made possible by the unique combination of the ingredients, which enhances their individual effects.

The part of the grape they use comes from the grape skin. The grape produces something in its skin to protect it from the sun’s radiation – and that is how the myricetin is sourced. Quercetin, from onion skin, is a known anti-inflammatory. Chlorogenic acid from green coffee prevents the breakdown of starch to sugar and it also reduces the amount of enzyme in your saliva that breaks down the starch so that starchy foods don’t turn into sugar during digestion.

Here is Emulin® creator Dr. Joe Ahrens, two-time Nobel nominee, explaining how the ingredients in the supplement works.

Q: How does Emulin® work?

Emulin® works by interrupting the metabolic pathways of carbohydrate metabolism.

The active components in Emulin® do not react directly with carbohydrates in foods, rather they transform carbohydrates as the body digests them, due to the chemical reaction of the ingredients with the enzymes from the body which are specifically involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

This means that someone who is carb sensitive can consume foods without experiencing the same glycemic response that they normally would given their condition.

how to lose weight

One way it does this is by inhibiting glucose absorption in the gut. Then, it enhances this absorption in the muscle tissue, and inhibits fat storage as well as helping the liver.

If you’re wondering how to lose weight when using this supplement, these chemical processes provide the explanation for how that can happen in the body. In fact, due to these processes mentioned above, taking this supplement reduces your caloric intake by an average of 33%.

Q: How was it discovered?

Researchers have known for some time that some components of foods, such as those found in grapefruit for example, contribute to weight loss and decrease carbohydrate sensitivities, but how this happens was unknown.  You might realize that it’s a pretty big problem in many Western countries, how to lose weight! Not to mention, there is a thirst for natural methods.

Emulin® cofounders, Dr Daryl Thompson and Dr Joseph Ahrens researched the components of more than 700 fruits in order to identify the phytochemicals that could be causing this effect.

In 2006, they identified three phytochemicals which, when combined in certain specific ratios, had a very promising effect on the body. This combination was particularly effective at several key points of metabolism relating to carbohydrate metabolism. Emulin® was born when these doctors patented a blend of chlorogenic acid, myricetin and quercetin. 

Q: Is Emulin® safe for people with stomach problems? Or pregnant or breastfeeding women and children?

In fact, Emulin® is completely safe for people with stomach disturbances such as gerd, or gastric ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome, because it is caffeine free, and very easy on the stomach lining. In fact, as it is all natural, it is safe for breastfeeding women, pregnant women, and children (children take a half dose).

Q: What is the recommended adult dosage?

Two capsules of Emulin® C or M per day, with each capsule consumed 15 minutes before a meal.

The C formula is for those who are extremely sensitive to carbs. The M formula is for everyone else.

Q: Why do these specific ingredients have this huge effect? Other supplements contain some of these ingredients, so why is Emulin® superior?

It is based on exhaustive research which got the attention of the Nobel Prize Committee. During this research, two-time Nobel Nominee Dr Joe Ahrens found that the compounds contained in this supplement, when combined in very specific ratios, have pronounced effects on the body – but only these components in the ratios present in Emulin®.

According to Ahrens, modern day food processing has stripped “EMULIN®-like compounds” from our diet. These need to be added back by supplementation — 750 mg of Emulin® effectively provides this (two capsules a day).

Q: What kinds of people will Emulin help?

First of all, Emulin® is not intended to treat or cure any disease and should never be promoted as such, though it has some pretty impressive effects on people suffering from various ailments, according to the clinical trials and testimonials of many happy customers.

Basically,  Emulin® puts back into your body what evolution intended to be a part of our diets, but modern agriculture and food processing took out. Food in its natural state can ‘chaperone’ excess carbs and sugars out of the body, so that they are excreted in urine; however modern agricultural practice strips those compounds from grains in particular, meaning that we are more likely to store carbs as fat. On top of this, today, we eat too many carbohydrates especially the highly-refined types, like starch and sugar. As a result, we suffer from prolonged carbohydrate toxicity that causes inflammation which leads to almost all modern diseases.

First of all, taking it results in a reduction in the body’s inflammation, as well as pain relief and weight loss. However, it is going to help people the most for those who are sensitive to carbohydrates.

Some people are very very hyper sensitive, so this means that for them, consuming carbohydrates, such as pasta bread etc, can make them tired, foggy, hungry, and make some put on weight that they have difficulty losing. They also would crave carbohydrates more than others. This is a group of people who have a higher risk of diseases related to inflammation (see my blog 11 Surprising Facts for some examples). Some people, however, are not at all sensitive to carbs. Those are the ones who can eat loads of pizza and bread and they don’t seem to put on weight, and generally they seem to have high energy. Emulin® is obviously going to help people who are carb sensitive the most. According to many testimonials, if your are sensitive, you will notice within a day or so of taking Emulin® that you have more energy and sleep better. You might begin to urinate more, and within 3 to 4 days you would have had some water weight loss, followed over time by fat loss.

If you’re only moderately carb sensitive, you will not have so dramatic a response, however, you will experience more energy, will feel better, sleep better, and there is still a potential for weight loss, pain relief, and so on (all this is based on numerous testimonials).

Q: What about interactions with other drugs?

As Emulin® is an entirely natural product, it is not dangerous to take it with other medications.

Yet, this is a very interesting question, because there was a study done on the effect of combining a conventional medication with Emulin®. And they found that Emulin® alone performs better,  but when use together with the conventional treatment, there was an even more dramatic response.

We never recommended stopping pre-existing medication, and it is always advisable to consult with your doctor if you have any concerns. However you might also want to read the results of the study on Emulin® and discuss it with your doctor, so that you are both well informed. 

rheumatoid arthritisQ: What about if someone has chronic pain, such as from arthritis?

Because Emulin® reduces inflammation, testimonials show that it has positive effect on any condition which involves inflammation, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Because Emulin® also reduces weight over time, it has an additional benefit, because many people who are suffering from chronic pain carry more weight in general due to the manner in which carbs are metabolized (lowering energy, storing it as fat). By reducing one’s weight, there is a reduced pressure on the joints which also helps. Many people claim, in testimonials from all over the world,  a pronounced reduction in symptoms related to chronic pain from diseases such as arthritis to fibromyalgia to even asthma (results vary, and you should read testimonials yourself).

Incidentally, for many, the question of how to lose weight fades into the background, as our consumers report that weight loss is in fact a side effect of carb management and reduced inflammation!